Capital efficient price discovery mechanisms will transform markets for nonfungibles and other illiquid assets

The financialization of the NFT asset class financializes NFTs as collateral for loans. is an open, community owned NFT marketplace based on the $RARI token which transparently runs on NFT exchange rails, the Rarible Protocol.

Rarible’s marketplace and NFT exchange protocol continue to stay ahead of the trend

Used with permission of Rarible.

CoinFund’s NFT thesis and our investment in Rarible

NFTs are intellectual property rights to digital content

  • Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu host over 23,000 pieces of on-demand video content. Disney+ and HBO Max have added nearly 10,000 more.
  • AR and VR creators are busy populating the Metaverse with 3D models. …

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  • Should this product be implemented as a crypto network?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing it this way?
  • How well does this product compete with incumbents or centralized approaches?

Dex volumes are inflecting

Protocol tokens are driving growth

Seth Ginns, Head of Liquid Investments & Managing Partner

Seth Ginns joins CoinFund as Managing Partner


Jake Brukhman

Founder @ CoinFund. Blockchain research & cryptoasset investments. #cryptoeconomics #generalizedmining Previously CTO @ Triton Research, TPM @ Amazon.

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