Capital efficient price discovery mechanisms will transform markets for nonfungibles and other illiquid assets is an open, community owned NFT marketplace based on the $RARI token which transparently runs on NFT exchange rails, the Rarible Protocol.

Rarible’s marketplace and NFT exchange protocol continue to stay ahead of the trend

Seth Ginns, Head of Liquid Investments & Managing Partner

Seth Ginns joins CoinFund as Managing Partner

Today, the CoinFund team is thrilled to welcome Seth Ginns as a new Managing Partner with a focus on liquid investment strategies in digital asset and traditional equities markets. You can read about why Seth is joining our team at CoinFund in his own words.

Jake Brukhman

Founder @ CoinFund. Blockchain research & cryptoasset investments. #cryptoeconomics #generalizedmining Previously CTO @ Triton Research, TPM @ Amazon.

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